The Call from the Sea


What is the ocean saying if we could hear its voice? This is the question that brought me from Florida to live with the Bajau in Indonesia. As a filmmaker, I wanted to share the life of people who live intimately with the sea.

The Bajau are a sea nomadic group who have lived on the ocean for centuries. I wanted to see the ocean through their eyes and hear the ocean's voice.

THE CALL FROM THE SEA addresses the future of our oceans and what we are leaving behind. It is a personal and poetic story about life as a Bajau and how our actions affect their world, ten thousand miles away.


Andar Halim was the main subject and guide to the Bajau. He grew up in another Bajau village close by. Andar has worked with countless PhD students discussing the life of the Bajau. He has three children and wants to provide the best education for his kids in a community that does not have many opportunities for furthering one's education.

The children of Sampela are another subject throughout the documentary. They are the next generation, the ones that our actions towards the environment will dramatically affect. 

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Podcast Interview about THE CALL FROM THE SEA

Hear about the fears of filmmaking and the obstacles you must overcome to bring a film to life. 

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