Taylor McNulty 

Taylor McNulty is a global story-chaser. As of late, her focus on films drifted out to sea, while the recurring character in her films is the ocean. 

Taylor directed, edited, shot, and produced the award-winning short documentary THE CALL FROM THE SEA, which played in over 50 film festivals in 15 different countries around the world. She co-directed CUBAN WAVE RIDERS with Liz Magee in 2017, as they followed a group of surfers in Cuba in search of undiscovered waves along the coast. 

Taylor's newest film WHERE THERE ARE WAVES follows a Slovakian female surf photographer and her passion for surfing. 

She currently lives in Brooklyn, close enough to the fickle waves of Rockaway Beach. Taylor was born in Jacksonville, Florida and spent many summers boogie boarding on its sandy shores. Water is an essential element to life and her filmmaking. 

Here is a resume with her filmmaking partner, Liz Magee.

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